How to Select A Garage Door Service Company

For some reason, your garage door has stopped working properly and now you need a repair specialist. Maybe your dealing with one of the following situations:

  • Your garage door is not opening or closing.
  • Your garage door opener is working but it’s making an awful squeaking noise.
  • Your garage door opener is running but it’s not opening the door.
  • One of your torsion springs is broken.

The reason really doesn’t matter. What matters is you now have to find a company to repair your garage door or opener. Before calling a garage door contractor, review some of the frequently asked questions regarding repairs.

If you decide to search for a garage door service contractor, what are some of the key qualities you should look for?

While it’s a given the service company you choose should be able to make your garage door operate like new and save you money, here are some additional qualities to consider:

Reliability – What kind of reputation does your company have? Are repairs handled in a professional manner by professional service experts? Are they able to answer your questions and ease any concerns you may have?

Timeliness – Do you want your repairs done quickly and efficiently. Is it important to you that your garage door repair be completed using cost-effective quality parts by a technician with the appropriate experience to handle this important task in a timely manner?

Straightforward Service – Do you want to be a part of the process every step of the way? Do you feel it is important that you know what is happening because your repair technician is clearly and thoroughly showing you and explaining the details of any repair that needs to be done? Do you feel confident knowing there will not be any surprise charges or fees that you weren’t informed of?


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